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    Promotion at it's best! Get your name out there, now!

    Using Tuneswag you’ll break into a new audience which can gain more fans and listens to your MP3s. Also by using our platform, you’ll be able to rack up social likes and shares as we heavily encourage sharing on our network.

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    Transform our viewers into your fans!

    Using our network, you’ll be able to silently showcase your videos to a variety of audiences. Many of our visitors come looking for specific clothing and in their discovery process find new music they come to like as well.

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  • A word called ‘Exposure’…

    Let the crowd know you exist.

    It’s no secret that if you aren’t noticed you more than likely won’t sell either. Use of our platform has a two way helping process: first, our users are able to discover sick new outfits while you on the other hand are able to show off your good tunes to new users who in turn will probably Google you to find out more about you after reading your profile on one of our many sites.

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  • Let Our Professionals Market You

    • Swag Coverage

      Our famous service. We'll boost your image by showing our viewers your swag.

    • Marketing Services

      Take a look at the marketing services that we offer.

    • Widely Published

      You'll be featured on our sites, social, search engine and other music websites.

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      Mike Mcfligh

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      Charles Clark

      As a skilled lyricist, C. Clark is an asset in the music business.

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      Young Mayes

      If you have multiple portfolio categories you can choose which ones you want to …

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